This painting is about how things that matter get manifested and become my form of self-expression. This painting is both a study of values on the value scale according to the traditions of fine art and the investigation of my values. This painting came just after the unthinkable occurred after the presidential election. I believe in climate change as I live in Boulder and I learn from scientists and photographers who document this in their work in the field of climate science. I believe in a women's right to choose because it is our body not for someone else to decide what we do with it.  I believe in healthcare for everyone. The insurance companies own the politicians along with the lobbyists who are fighting to repeal Obamacare. Meanwhile, my brothers, who are severely mentally handicapped, cannot get the real care they need. I believe that we have the wrong president coming into the oval office. Most Americans agree and for those of you who don't I simply don't have anything in common with you. My father was a political scientist Ph.D. He taught the cadets political science at the Air Force Academy during the Nixon era and was "black listed" by President Nixon as a result of his outspoken views on that Republican President. Watching his impeachment left a lasting impression on me plus history repeats itself. I can only hope so in this case. This value study is just a normal extension of my upbringing while working in the gray scale with paint. Maybe I should have called it "Outspoken in Black and White."

   My Value Study  60"x60" Acrylic on canvas $3300 ©    

My Value Study 60"x60" Acrylic on canvas $3300 ©