My work represents the intersection between me and what influences me. Inspiration comes from my relationships with family, friends, and nature as well as my relationship with myself and those who have influenced me. I view these relationships as essential on who I am and chose to express them as paintings.

 I am the first girl after ten older brothers. Six of my brothers were diagnosed with mental illness when I was just a child. By the time I was twelve, I had to leave home. Painting is an extension of my life and my unique and sometimes challenging journey.  My love of art was discovered as a child long before I left home. My mother was an artist. Art and artists surrounded me when I was young, although I couldn’t find art until later in life.

 After many years of reflecting back on my youth, my long-held desire to become an artist reemerged. I have spent the past twenty years building my artistic toolbox. I have tried just about every artistic medium. I always return to paint. It has taken a lifetime to consider myself an artist.